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How to Set Paper in Microsoft Word the way you want

Cara Mengatur Kertas di Microsoft Word Sesuai dengan Keinginan

30 Jul 2021

It does seem trivial. But, not many people know how to set paper on the MS. Word. Or even if they know, in practice, something might happen. For example, incorrect settings when printing the document or the paper size doesn’t match the settings on Microsoft Word.

Maybe you also experience similar things. So, it's a good idea to take a moment to figure out how to set up paper on MS Words. Instead of spending time to figure out the paper settings, isn't it better to just learn for a while? So, whenever you have to set the paper, you won’t require a longer time.

It is very understandable that some people do not know how to set up the paper in Word. MS. Word is considered the easiest program to master. In fact, even elementary school students can master and use this particular software. Unlike other programs such as Photoshop, which does take a long training time to master it.

It is so easy that they don't know a few things, such as how to arrange the paper before the file is finally printed. They can only use it to type on MS. Words. No more than that.

Then, they finally realize how important it is to set up the paper on Word when doing their work. They have to write and print according to the paper assigned by their teachers.

Well, now is the time for you to learn for a moment how to set the paper size in Word. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Look for Page Layout Feature

At the top section of MS. Word, you can search for Page Layout. The paper settings are available there, starting from the margins and also the paper size. If you are already using the latest version of MS. Word, you may not find Page Layout but just Layout. Click on that section.


  1. Enter in the Page Setup section

In the Page Layout or Layout, you will find a lot of features. Look for the Page Setup. This section is to set the paper or page size.


  1. Click Paper

Next, click the Paper section. In that section, various choices of paper type that are often used are available there, such as A4, and so on. You can choose according to the paper you are using.

What if none of these choices match the paper you're using? You can customize or make your own paper size. Well, just type the paper size in the length and width section. Adjust the paper size that you will use for printing.


  1. Click OK

When it's done, click Ok. The sheet of paper you open in MS. Word has been adjusted according to the paper you need.

Easy, isn't it? It's time for you to try and practice how to arrange the paper in Word. When you read the tutorial, you may feel a little confused. Especially if you are not too familiar with the features in Ms. Word. You don’t need to memorize the steps. Keep practicing the steps above and you will know by yourself how to set the paper in Ms. Word.


Most Commonly Used Paper Size

Actually, MS Word has provided various sizes of paper that are commonly used. There are three types of paper that are most often used, which are:

  •  A4 The size is 21 x 29,7 cm

  • F4 The size is 21.5 x 33 cm

  • A3 The size is 29,7 x 41 cm

If you use other types of paper that you can’t find in MS. Word, just click on custom size. You can enter the length and width of the paper according to your needs.


A Few Things to be Noticed

Now, you already know how to set the paper in Word. However, before you finally print or print your file in Word, you should pay attention to a few things.

First, make sure the paper you put on the print is adjusted to the paper size you set in MS. Words. This is very important. Because if the size is not suitable, the text in the print out can be cut. Or the paper you are using is too large.

Especially if you are doing school or college work, in which the paper size has been assigned to you. Make sure the paper and paper size match the requirements.

Second, make sure the printer is also connected to the computer or laptop you are using. Install the printer software on the device you are using so that the printer is connected. Otherwise, you will not be able to print.

Last one, use quality paper. Especially if you print documents or college assignments that are very important. Use paper with proper thickness so the printer ink doesn't go through. You can use A4 paper from SiDU. SiDU paper is a quality multifunctional paper, which is specially produced to meet your needs. SiDU provides a wide range of paper sizes and grammage for you to choose from.