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Welcome to the world of SiDU Detail

Welcome to the world of SiDU


SiDU, as part of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas, has a sustainability policy that is carried out consistently & responsibly in preserving nature in its supply chain.

Research & Development

1. FORESTRY - Research & Development

The SIDU R&D team continues to research to develop the best quality Acacia and Eucalyptus seeds for planting in Industrial Plantation Forest Areas.

Planting, Maintenance & Harvesting

2. FORESTRY - Planting, Maintenance & Harvesting

Hutan Tanaman Industri (HTI) or Industrial Plantation Forests in the SIDU supply chain are managed sustainably and responsibly. Acacia and eucalyptus trees in the HTI area are planted, then treated for five years before harvesting. After the harvesting process, the same land is then prepared again for replanting for the next cropping cycle.

Wood Supply Chain

3. FORESTRY - Wood Supply Chain

All pulpwood used in SIDU's production process is guaranteed legality and quality by national and international certification standards. SIDU ensures that no wood from natural forests enters the production process.

Production process

4. MILLS - Production process

All wood that enters the production process is recorded in the system, then cleaned and processed into pulp, sent to the paper mill to be produced into paper raw materials, and converted into final paper-based products, such as SIDU products.

Delivery process

5. MILLS - Delivery process

The finished paper products are then neatly packaged, ready to be sent through various transportation routes to producers or consumers who need them.